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Patient Information

Practice Details


  • The Dental Practice offers a full range of dental services for you and your family and aims to achieve the highest standards possible. Among the services we can provide are: hygiene and prevention advice; routine restorations; crowns, bridges, veneers; gum treatments; dentures and routine check ups. Giving you regular dental advice to help you take care of your teeth and gums and should reduce the need for dental treatment

  • We also offer intravenous sedation to help nervous patients who are anxious about dental treatment

New Patients

We provide dental care for adults and children on the NHS. Some private treatments that are not available under the NHS are also available . New patients are being registered and if you wish to register with this practice then please telephone our receptionist who will gladly make an appointment for a new patient dental check. A list of fee items can be given. Please also inform us if you are a nervous patient as we are very caring and understanding and offer services which can help with dental phobia.

Staff – The Dental Team

  • Dentist(s)
    • Lindsay Gibson (female) BDS. Practice owner & Principal Dentist. Offers Intravenous Sedation. GDC number 113419. Registration July 2007 Dundee.

    • Ian Miller (male) BDS. Associate Dentist. Offers Intravenous Sedation. GDC number 191129. Registration July 2010 Dundee.

    • Kirsty Lang (female) BDS. Associate Dentist. GDC number 270476. Registration July 2010 Glasgow

  • Dental Nurses

    • Lorraine Beck GDC 169684

    • Stefanie Smith GDC 186613

    • Sara Hamilton, GDC number 272277

    • Gemma Mills.


  • Dental Nurse / Practice Administrator

    • Gillian Shields, GDC number 273536

  • Dental Receptionist

    • Christine Morrison

Opening Hours

  • Monday 9.00am - 7.00pm

  • Tuesday … 9.00am - 5.00pm

  • Wednesday 9.00am - 5.00pm

  • Thursday 9.00am 5.00pm

  • Friday 9.00am 5.00pm

If you require a late night appointment Dr Ian Miller, Dr Kirsty Lang and Dr Amy Mckay offer appointments on a Monday evening between 5.00pm and 7.00pm


  • Telephone reception on 01236 749 756 or call in person to make an appointment.

  • You will receive a text message reminder of your appointment 2 days beforehand if oyu have provided us with your mobile number.

  • You will receive appointments for regular check-ups by text message or post

  • If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Please not that if you miss an appointment, without giving prior notice, a charge of £20 will be made for missing a 30 minute appointments and £40 for missing a 60 minute appointment.

Emergency and Out-of-hours Care

  • If you have a dental emergency, telephone reception, where possible, during opening hours. You will then be given an appointment in a time-frame that is appropriate to your needs. If you require emergency care, you will be seen the same day. If you require urgent care, you will be given advice to help manage the symptoms and seen within 24 hours. If you have a dental emergency when the practice is not open, telephone reception and a a recorded message will give details of our out-of-hours’ service. Advice can be given over the phone by contacting NHS24 on 111. Weekend emergencies may be given an appointment at Wishaw General Hospital via NHS24 if deemed appropriate.

Care and Treatment

  • We offer a full range of preventative treatments include oral hygiene advice, hygiene appointments including gum treatments, mouthguards and radiographs.

  • We offer a full range of restorative treatments including restorations, crowns, bridges, root canal treatments, extractions and dentures.

  • We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening white fillings and metal-free veneers and crowns.

  • We offer a Childsmile Clinic for babies aged 0-3 years and welcome children and parents along to find out about good diet and hygiene from an early age.


  • Any treatment offered (either NHS or private) will be estimated, discussed and agreed with you in advance.

  • Private patients can choose to have treatments on an individual basis. We do not offer a Practice Private Dental Plan but do offer an interest-free finance option for private dental treatment.

  • Charges for common procedures are as follows (guidelines only)

  • X-rays, from £2.00

  • Scale and polish, £11.00

  • Silver filling, from £10.00 upwards

  • Crown, from £100

  • Root Canal Treatment, from £40.00

  • Surgical treatment, varies according to need

  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Please note that an additional charge will be made for payment with a credit card.

  • If you are in receipt of a benefit you may be entitled to assistance with the cost or free treatment. Examples of qualifying benefits are JSA, Tax Credit or Pension Credit. All children under 18 and full time students who are 18 are entitled to free treatment. Pregnant females and mothers with a child under one year are also entitled to free treatment.

  • Please note patients who fail to attend their dental appointment or cancel within 24 hours will be charged a minimum of £20 before another appointment is issued.

  • For further information on treatment charges and exemptions please visit http://www.scottishdental.org/public/treatment-charges/

Access and Facilities

  • The practice has no parking spaces but there is ample on-street parking and a free multi-storey car park 200 yards away on Hallcraig Street. There is ground floor access for disabled persons’ use, suitable corridors and doors. If you have any concerns about accessing our services, telephone for advice.

  • We have toilets adapted for use by disabled people

  • We also have a children’s play area with books and simple toys; this is not supervised and parents are responsible for their own children.

  • Interpreting Services Can be arranged via our receptionist who can book an approved interpreter to facility your dental treatment for any patient who needs assistance with English.


  • The practice is located on Hallcraig Street in Airdrie opposite Donald McLaren Funeral Directors. There are numerous buses which travel into Airdrie town centre and stop within 5 minutes walk of the practice. Airdrie train station is located 10 minutes walk away.

  • Please visit our website for further information and map http://hallcraigdentalcare.co.uk/contact_us.php#location

Practice Policies

  • The practice has number of policies to ensure that we provide the best possible care for our patients. All patient information is processed in line with the Data Protection Act (2018) and is treated with the strictest confidence.

  • The record of the practice’s inspection and details of the practice’s audit process and improvements made are available on request.


  • We welcome feedback from patients; please contact us with your views, either in person, by post or e-mail using the contact details in this leaflet. We hope that you are happy with the service we provide; however, if you have a complaint please contact our receptionist, who will inform you of our complaints procedure.

NHS Lanarkshire General Enquiry Line

  • NHS Lanarkshire General Enquiry Line: 0300 303 0243

  • NHS Lanarkshire Public Website: www.nhslanarkshire.org.uk


We reserve the right to withhold or refuse our services to members of the public, or patients, who are responsible for defamatory statements made about Hallcraig Dental Care ("the Practice") it's staff or patients. We monitor online content posted about the Practice at all times. If we become aware of any posts by you, on behalf of yourself or any other person/organisation, beingmade on forums around the internet, [including Twitter/facebook/snapchat or any other public forum] which may contain serious, untrue and highly defamatory comments towards the Practice, we will seek legal recourse. This will include, but may not be limited to, legal proceedings where we may seek remedies including substantial damages; an interdict to restrain you from publishing the same or similar statements in the future; and costs.

To avoid Legal Proceedings, we may demand that you remove from any forum, in their entirety, the defamatory threads or comments to prevent harm to the Practice; produce an apology and a declaration that the allegations referred to are false and defamatory and cause such apology and declaration to be published in each of the forums which have given or could give reason for our complaint. Such an apology will be approved by us prior to publication and we will make proposals for damages to restore the reputation of the Practice along with other potential remedies. We will vigorously defend our reputation and professional standards at all times.


Hallcraig Dental Care Airdrie Scotland